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College Essays That Set You Apart

College admissions are competitive. Your essay is what makes your application unique. 


Your Guide to the Perfect Essay


A Proven Framework

The best writing grabs readers, makes the point clear and concise, and leaves a lasting impact on the heart and mind. 


Personalized Tutoring and Editing

Everyone has a powerful story to tell. The key to making your essay unique and passionate is finding your voice. We show you where to look.

Home Improvement

Writing Skills That Last

Writing is a skill that lasts a lifetime. The skills you build with Essay Pro will serve as a foundation for powerful communication skills.

Abstract Background

"Paul is a very talented writer and a super fun person. He helped me break down high level ideas for my application essays and taught me how to tell my story in a powerful way! The moment I got into the School of Information was one of my best moments of the decade! Thank you Paul!"

Vanya | University of Michigan

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