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My Essays Got Me Into My Dream School

Your dream school is just an essay away

When I was applying to colleges in 2012, it seemed like everyone had a 4.0 GPA except me. I was certain none of my top choice schools would accept me.

I had one talent that put me ahead of my peers - writing. Before college, writing was little more than a hobby. I wrote books and short stories in my free time, posting them online for a small but loyal readership of friends and family. I never expected writing to be what got me into the University of Michigan.

"I read your application essays. You were meant to be a writer," my college advisor said when I told him at orientation that I wanted to major in physics. Ok. I will take one writing course. One course led to another. Two years later, I was admitted to the most prestigious writing program at the university. Two years after that, I graduated with an honors thesis in writing.


Writing defined my academic career and left me with a unique talent for helping others. Writing permeates through every facet of our lives. In seven years of helping others apply to schools, honors programs, graduate programs, and jobs, I devised a method for extracting the best work out of every writer.

Essay Pro is your guide for transforming thoughts into great writing.

Good writing is clear, concise, and powerful. Great writing is mind control - but not in a malicious sense. A good writer makes their thoughts and ideas clear to their reader with no contradictions or confusion, but a great writer makes their reader believe every word in the core of their being. Great writing is not easy. Even great writers do not produce great writing all the time, but at Essay Pro great writing is the goal every time. 

The Essay Pro approach to writing is built on three pillars: The Writer, The Reader, and The Hero’s Journey. 

   1. The Writer

The writer is at the center. Writers need to believe their own stories without qualifiers or disclaimers.

   2. The Reader

In the world of college essays and personal statements, the reader requires extra attention. We need to forge our essays knowing what we want our readers to know, think, and feel when they are done reading. 

   3. The Hero’s journey

The hero’s journey comes in many forms, but the basic framework continues to be the simplest model for framing great writing. Essay Pro guides you through a unique adaptation of the hero’s journey that is tailored towards essay writing.

The Method

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